Online Voting Software Makes Elections Easy

Democracy is an incredibly important value that the United States of America has heralded since the beginning of its brief history. The definition of democracy is that members of a society participate in the governing of their own nation. As a concept, democracy is one of the western world’s most popular ideals – however, democracy is not able to function if the members of the country do not participate in the act of voting to elect their representatives in government. One of the reasons that people decide that voting is too much trouble is due to the fact that voting times tend to be during work days, the lines are long, and people need to go out of their way to register prior to Election Day. In response to such reasons as to why people will not participate in our democratic government, an alternative of election software has been created.

Rather than having to vote using paper ballots, people are able to vote using an application on iOS or Android devices from remotely any location. This is a huge upgrade so people can vote from anywhere – whether at work, vacation, or home, there is no reason for people not to pull out the app and use it. There’s no excuse not to vote via mobile with new technology, and is more likely to increase voter turnout – despite the voters not being there physically.

Using paper affects the environment, as it is unsurprisingly made out of trees. Although there is the option of recycling, there is not guarantee that voting ballots will be recycled at all. Instead of wasting paper for people to mark who their preferred candidate is, they are able to use paper-free technology to select who they want to vote for. This will help to sustain the environment, which ironically, very few political candidates are actually choosing to address as an issue on their platform.

Organizing places for vote is a large amount of work for public servants, and can cause traffic jams when people are attempting to find places to park. Being able to have an app to open at any time during the voting period is likely to reduce other excuses of not having the time to vote – especially since most people use their mobile devices such as cell phones nearly every waking moment of the day.

Online voting application are easier to fill out rather than in person, which takes a long time and requires a decent chunk of information to be given. Occasionally people forget some of the necessary information as well; if they are voting through the mobile app, they are more likely to have the information accessible to them, particularly if they are at home.

Voting is a critical part of our society. Voting online through mobile devices will help to contribute to the conservation of the environment by reducing the amount of paper used, and will increase the dwindling voter turnout by giving people the opportunity to vote when they have time during busy days. The United States is not capable of being a democracy without its citizens voting, and online voting through an application will encourage people to exercise their rights.